10 Celebrities Who Look Just Like Disney Characters

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Photo credit: bigstock | Photo credit: wikipedia

Photo credit: bigstockwikipedia

2. Chris Colfer

Known for his role on the television series “Glee,” Chris Colfer could have another gig as Pinocchio! Give us a second here: the rosy high cheeks, the big eyes… all you need is to add a hat/wig and a hilarious little outfit. Apparently everyone else sees this resemblance too! When asked about it during an interview for PR.com, he said, “I really want to be Pinocchio, if Disney ever did ‘Pinocchio’ on Broadway. Actually, some of my fans I think started a Facebook petition for me to do that. But I would love to do it, maybe in-between seasons of ‘Glee.’ It’s always been a goal.”

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