18 Celebs Who Owe Their Smiles to Cosmetic Dentistry

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Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

Celebrities these days need to look perfect at all times. They need to be super thin with curves only in the right places, or thin but with lots of muscle definition. This perfectionist attitude has extended to their teeth as well it seems. Some of these stars simply got a cap while some now have pearly white veneers.

1. Tom Cruise

It is weird to think of a time when celebrities had bad teeth, but dear old Tom had some pretty horrible teeth. This was way before the couch jumping- think early marriage to Nicole Kidman. Somewhere around “Mission Impossible” he upgraded to a full set of veneers and has never looked back. I would like to say that his creepy robot fake smile is because of his new teeth, but I think that might just be a perk of Scientology.

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