10 Mega Stars Who Are Secretly Horrible People

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Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

3. Sean Penn

He is kind of old and gross now (someone really should tell Charlize Theron), but back in the day he was considered really sexy. He wasn’t doing those starving kid commercials or spending all his money on letting the world know that the Iraq War was just for oil.  What we like to remember Sean for isn’t riding around on his high horse, screaming about how he is the most righteous person alive or even his considerable talent in acting, but for pulling the original Chris Brown. Yes, you read that correctly. Sean was married to the young and upcoming singer, Madonna. Well their marriage went south quickly and he decided the best thing to do was to tie her to a chair and assault her for hours. He ran out of booze (oh no!) and came back to continue. She finally escaped after telling Sean she had to go to the bathroom. What we don’t understand is why Sean thought she should have some privacy to pee when he had no problem beating the stuffing out of her and emotionally abusing her for hours. Madonna had him arrested but did not press charges because she did not want a media circus. So he was let go scot-free.

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