10 Mega Stars Who Are Secretly Horrible People

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Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

5. Dr. Dre

When you think about Dre you might think of his awesome headphones or Eminem. He was a pretty big star in his own right when he hit the rap scene with his crew N.W.A. in 1989. They were rapping about wanting to kill the police, getting it on with the ladies, and being an overall gangsta. In 1990, Dee Barnes interviewed Ice Cube, another member of N.W.A., so they decided to beat the crap out of her. When Dr. Dre saw her at a record release party after the interview, he managed to sweet talk her to the side of the party and “began slamming her face and the right side of her body repeatedly against a wall near the stairway.” This was in front of the whole party while his bodyguard held the crowd off. He tried to throw her down the stairs and when he failed he starting kicking her in the ribs. When she managed to get up, he chased her into the women’s bathroom where he donkey punched her for a bit longer. This was her side of the story. When members of N.W.A. were asked about it, they said “the bitch deserved it” and “bitch had it coming.” Thankfully Dee Barnes tried to sue him for $22.5 million. Unfortunately, he managed to talk his way out of it- 240 hours of community service, two years’ probation and an anti-violence PSA was his punishment. His career didn’t suffer and he went on to sell 4.5 million copies of his album “The Chronic.”

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