6 Celebrity Movie Deaths We Have Openly Enjoyed

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Just admit it- you like watching some of the worst celebrities die in films. We are not saying you are a homicidal maniac, just a normal person who likes to see some anarchist justice once in a while. Here is a delightful list of a few people that we have either seen die in a movie or wish we could have seen.

1. David Caruso – King of New York

Oh, I still watch re-runs of CSI Miami just to laugh at his appalling acting. Maybe he really is this weird in real life (or maybe that is how he gets his roles- people are scared of him) but I am pretty sure a police officer in Miami would never be allowed to act like this. He avoids eye contact and comes up with HORRIBLE one line comments. Watch out though- it is only funny for the first few minutes. Afterwards it just gets so uncomfortable that you may need to change the channel.

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