Rihanna Makes Fun of a Fan Online

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Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

It appears anyone can get accused of cyber bullying these days. Pop superstar Rihanna has been under pressure for the past few days because of a 16 year old fan who recreated one of the star’s iconic outfits that has been worn on stage for her performance.

At a musical event in 2010, Rihanna sported a winged outfit which the teenager attempted to remake and sport herself in at this year’s prom.

The jump suit was a black one piece designed by Alexandre Vautheir, that superstar Rihanna wore in Germany for the 20120 Echo Music Awards.

The school prom was apparently Hollywood themed this year, and a family friend helped the young teen recreate the outfit all by herself to model the R&B singer she idolized.

But when it came time to post the pictures to social media, Carter found that the reception was not what she was hoping for. On both Twitter and Instagram, where she posted the photos, she received terribly negative feedback from users.

But the comment that upset her the most was from the idol herself. Rihanna’s only response was to post a photo featuring herself in the teen in costume side by side captioned only by a frowny face.

Later on Rihanna tweeted again, comparing the teen’s homemade outfit to the Wu Tang Clan’s logo.

Fox news and Baltimore interviewed the disappointed teen, who said, “I was very offended. Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing.” Carter went on to say that the poses were different but the outfit was the same, and that the pop star doesn’t love her fans the way she says she does.

Rihanna is now being accused of mockery and cyber bullying because of these comments and tweets.

The costume actually looks very similar to the outfit, causing viewers to wonder if she is simply intimidated.