Steven Tyler Does His Best to leave Miley Cyrus a Note in Her Hotel Room

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Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

Steven Tyler is a much older Aerosmith frontman than the young pop singer, Miley Cyrus, nevertheless it didn’t stop him from attempting to visit her while they resided in the same hotel when both were on tour.

Tyler posted a video entitled Room Service in Helsinki to his Facebook page in Finland on Saturday, May 31.

During the strange video, Tyler is seen sneaking up to a hotel room as he whispers, “I think Miley Cyrus is here.  But shh! She’s very, very sleepy.”

The handwritten note by him states: Tried to sneak into your room, got arrested, sorry I missed you.

First he attempted to slide the note under the door but found himself unsuccessful.  He was then quoted as saying, “I can’t seem to get in her door, or maybe I should bang on it”.

This seems like a sexual comment almost, especially as he does no knocking subsequently, instead of selecting to fold the paper note, and place it in her electronic keycard slot.  Before turning and walking away down the hall, he says “that’s better” and the video ends.

Although Miley did retweet Tyler’s strange video, there has been nothing to prove that they ever did indeed meet up.

Steven Tyler frontlined Aerosmith on Saturday night, while Miley performed for the European segment of her Bangerz tour on Sunday at the Helsinki Hartwell Arena.

Steven Tyler has also been doing some strange things it seems while in the area, taking over the jobs of street musicians to play his band’s own songs.  Seems a strange way to promote his tour.

Steven Tyler has also been reported as saying to TMZ paparazzi that he didn’t know what Miley was smoking from her bong, meaning salvia, but told her to call him to smoke some a couple years ago when the video first went viral.